Indo European Migrations

Indo-European pp Migrations pp 42-45 (period 8 pp 54-57) ben hiatt per. 1 9/4/12 1. Linguists noticed that certain language were related called them Indo- European. List the major subgroups of this family of languages. The major subgroups of this family of languages is hindi, farsi and most European languages. 2. Where was the original homeland of the Indo European speakers? The original home land of the indo European speakers is probably the steppe region of modern day Ukraine 3. How did the domestication of horses facilitate the lives of the Indo-Europeans? think migration)it was easier to migrate on horses than to walk on foot. 4. Describe the migration of the I-A’s from 3000BCE to 1000CE. The earliest indo European society began to break up around 3000 bce, and continued the migrations until about 1000 ce. 5. Discuss thoroughly the Hittites. The hitties built a powerful kingdom and establishes a close relationship with the Mesopotamians. They were responsible for light and horse drawn war carriages. 6. Discuss the the two technological innovations of the Hittites.

The two technological things the hitties made were light and horse drawn war carriges. Both of which greatly strengthened their society and influenced other peoples societys too. 7. Discuss the eastern migration of the Indo-Aryans. While the hitties were building their empire in Anatolia some indo Europeans were migrating east to central asia. 8. Discuss the Western migrations of the Indo-Aryans. This move west took the indo Aryans west into greeceafter 2200 bce. 9. Discuss the Southern migrations. Another wave of migrations established some indo Europeans in the presence of iran and india.

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