Implicit Biases

 After taking two IATs, you will write a reflection essay of 4–5 pages in length. 

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Implicit Biases
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 Make sure you utilize at least 2 credible sources to support the arguments presented in the paper.

Your essay should address all of the following prompts. Any opinions or points of view should be supported with examples and references.

Explain the difference between ‘explicit biases’ and ‘implicit biases’. Analyze whether biases function at the conscious or subconscious level.

Describe the purpose of the Implicit Association Tests and how the tests measure implicit biases. Be sure to discuss examples of categories and tasks given on the tests.

Discuss your general thoughts regarding the tests you took and your reaction to the experience.  

Provide your (supported) opinion on whether you think the IAT produces valid and reliable results. In other words, discuss whether the IAT accurately measures what it is intended to measure (is it valid?), and whether it is consistent in measuring what is intended to be measured (is it reliable?).  Refer to Unit 2 materials in Chapter 10 to review the concepts of validity and reliability related to research data. 

Explain the differences between prejudice and discrimination. Do you think prejudices, to some degree, are inevitable? Why or why not?  

If implicit attitudes are subconscious, how do you think negative implicit attitudes toward social categories can be reduced?



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