IH essay

Personal reflection
People have different preferences, which determine how they live their daily life and how they make their decisions.On a personal level, it is important for a person to analyze his or her preferences in order to understand his or her own qualities or preferences.There are several types to consider, including extraversion versus introversion, sensation versus intuition, affective preference versus thinking, judgment versus perception.Extroversion and introversion are the most misunderstood phrases.Extroverts don’t have to talk loudly, introverts don’t have to be shy.On the contrary, introverts get energy from themselves, while extroverts get motivation from getting along with others.
Extroversion and introversion
Personally, I prefer extroversion to introversion.I don’t have any meaningful preference for one.I have a negligible preference for extroversion over introversion.
Feelings and intuition
Personally, I have a preference for feeling over intuition.Although it’s still very small, only 12 percent, this difference plays an important role in my choice.In the process of receiving and processing new information, I prefer to use the five senses rather than rely on more abstract intuitive methods.
Feel like thinking
This category includes how people make decisions and deal with emotions.Personally, I have a 3% marginal preference for thinking.It may not have much effect on my decision.
Judgment and perception
I have a moderate preference for judgment over perception, scoring 50 percent.This means that I deal with things in a more structured way than those who use perception, because they tend to limit rather than promote in a structured way.By judging, I can control the environment and make early choices.Perceivers, on the other hand, are always focused on keeping their choices open.As long as necessary, they will make a choice.

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IH essay
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