Ideas that Shaped the Constitution

I will discuss 3 main ideas regarding the Federalist Papers. The Federalist Papers wanted to protect the people as a whole, not Just individuals. Before the U. S. Constitution was formed, the leaders believed that a weak central government wouldn’t have enough power to protect the rights of individual people. After the U. S. Constitution was created, the document called for a strong central government, one that would have power over the state governments and provide a unified authority on legislating, nforcing and judging laws. What was the purpose of the Federalist Papers?
The overall purpose of the Federalist Papers was to convince the people that a stronger centralized government would be more protective ot their rights. The Federalist papers were written to convince people to ratify the Constitution The papers discussed the unequivocal experience of the Incompetence of the federal government and the need for a stronger central government. They wanted the public to support the constitution and get involved. Many leaders wanted a entralized government because they feared If the power remained In the states It would eventually tear the government apart.
States fought with each other over power and they wanted the power to be centralized not at the states level. The States had more power than the government. Many far-sighted leaders realized that the self-interests of the states would eventually tear the union apart. and that the Articles of Confederation provided no legal or political means to stop it. States quarreled with one another over land claims, commerce regulations, and frequently rected imposts against neighboring states.

Although strictly forbidden by the Articles, states established relations and treaties with foreign nations and refused to send much needed tax money to congress. Due to the difficult amendment process, attempts to endow congress with greater authority to tax and to regulate commerce could be stopped by the refusal of a single state. Who was the attended audience? The original purpose ot the Federalist Papers was to elect Pro-constitution delegates to the New York state ratification convention.
The proposed audience was the erchants of New York City, whose support was vital if the upstate Antifederalists were to be overpowered. This ettort ultimately tailed. Only nineteen Federalists were elected from New York City, while forty-six Antifederalists were elected from upstate, led by Governor George Clinton. The papers were printed In only a dozen papers Ideas tha mccantsr uC outs10e 0T New York, ana tnelr Innuence on tne overall vote was n the Articles of Confederation fail? The articles of confederation were written to oversee the 13 origin breaking away from Great Britain in 1776.
The articles of confeder many reasons. The main reason was that the states had too much federal government weak. There was no one person in charge, the executive branch. Congress didn’t have any power; decisions had all 13 states. Drafted during the years 1776 and 1777, while the c fighting for independence, the Articles of Confederation created a government with most of the governmental powers retained by th Articles provided no separation of branches. Congress, the legisla branch of government. When laws were presented, they required Congress voted as states not as individuals.
The Articles of Confe written to govern the interaction of the thirteen original states aft independence from Great Britain in 1776. They proved to be ineff US Constitution was adopted to replace the Articles of Confederati an active government is critical to the protection of individual righ government under the Articles of Confederation was unable to eff individual rights because it did not act directly upon the people, a authority to enforce its laws. The Constitution requires that the pe are needed to ratify the document and decide whether they will t the framers or not.

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Ideas that Shaped the Constitution
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