Idea and City Council

Everest University Abstract It’s very important for commissioners and city councils to understand the importance of forensics. When the commissioners and city council understand forensics they will have a clear idea of what the cost and what it takes for the forensic team. Having an idea and understanding gives you knowledge of the forensics. It’s very important that commissioners and city council member to appreciate the value and the hard work of a forensic team.
It is very important for the city council and commissioners to understand and appreciate the value of forensic evidence because all funds have to be approved by elected officials and they have to provide oversight for LEO to help prevent violations of funds. Forensic processing and evaluations can be costly and failure to conduct a timely use can lead to a law suit against the city and county. Neither city nor the commissioner wants a law suit against them.
Forensics is very important for the commissioner, city council and other people that’s have something to do with running a town to appreciate and understand the value of it. Forensic gives an insight on someone innocent or to prove them guilty and the commissioners should be appreciative of that. Communication between all those that are not involved with the forensic but have some say so in the money funds should communicate with each other very well so that way the city council and the commissioners will know exactly how the funds are being spent and that it’s to prove someone innocent or guilty.

An uncoordinated approach can lead to misunderstanding on either end. I don’t think the city commissioners are involved in the knowing of crimes as much as they should be but they do make decisions on the funds and I think they do appreciate the value of forensic evidence. They just can’t be there on the scene and do hands on but they do appreciate it I think. References Article: Mabelle Dec. 9 (2009) Article: May, 29 (2010) www. mycriminaljusticecareers. com www. bls. gov

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Idea and City Council
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