Ict Helps Student in Many Ways

TOPIC 1 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is one of the issues that divide world. In richer countries, schools can afford and supply with many modern ICT infrastructures, hardware and software but reverse situation happen to the poorer countries. Schools may be without electricity and does not have modern ICT infrastructures. ICT has the potential to transform learning in and beyond classroom. ICT can also provide an easy situation even in limited of space and time.
There are some benefits of ICT in learning which are student can access enormous amount of information quickly, learning process become easier and more update about new issues and can improve richness of learning experience. As mentioned above, ICT helps students to get many useful information. They do not have to worry about lack of information during their study time because ICT help them in gaining a lot of information. Students just need to click the mouse and just in seconds, everything already get ready.
Moreover, students no longer have to rely on printed books as main references. Sometimes references books contain outdated information thus learners will carry on wrong information. This will bring bad efffect in learning process. If they stick at ICT, they only need to carry notebook which mean more light and conventional. With the internet, a wealth learning materials in almost every subject can be excess everywhere anywhere. Almost all information in internet are up-to-date.

According to Kate Mckenzie, “ICT in education is the key to unlocking the skills and knowledge of our future generations of young people. It is the tool for learning for the 21st century” (Mckenzie, 2006) Based on Kate Mckenzie word, it prove that ICT is very important to everyone especially youngster. In a nutshell, ICT brings many good things in daily life. It give benefits to both teachers and students in educational world. ICT also provide better situation in the classroom. Some benefits of ICT that can be discuss are first ICT help student to gain many information in the short time.
As a student, we have to find a lot of information in a short time by the ICT needed to help simplify and speed up our work. Next, using ICT learning process will become easier and more up to date. Students are no longer left to obtain the latest and fresh information. Lastly, through ICT students and teachers will be able to renew their teaching techniques to more effective ways. Although ICT is a new technology, however ICT still provide tradisional methods which include writing, drawing and gaining information from the text.
In order to achieve developed country status, Malaysia have to upgrade the user of ICT in our daily life in order to make sure our civilians always up-to-dated to new information. References Blurton, P. C. (1999) New direction of ICT-use in education. Retrieved from http://www. unesco. org Nwosu, D. O. and Ogboma, E. F. (2008). ICT in education: A Catalyst for effective use of information. Retrieved from http://unllib. unl. edu Misra, S. (Dec 2010). Role of ICT in enhancing the educational productivity. Retrieved from http://www. academia. edu Mckenzie, K. (2006). Retrieved October 16, 2012, from http://www. naace. co. uk

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Ict Helps Student in Many Ways
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