I need someone to write my 3 page essay for media communications (please read below)

Construct a two to three page, well organized, formally written essay (with ideas and support drawn from your readings and not just a top-of-mind opinion) answering the question below. Your answer should rely on your knowledge from the text, supplemental readings and class discussions. Outside research is not necessary. (28 points)
How can CCNY gain greater exposure throughout the various mass media channels we are discussing this semester. The two main goals for the mass communication campaign you are to outline are to have results that will 1) help the college attract attention from an increasingly well prepared and diverse student body — “diversity” for this essay should include some of all (or even more) characteristics such as race, economic background, ethnicity, academic achievement, and geography; and 2) increase donations and its status throughout the city and country as an educational institution. 
It will be important to explain the way you believe the college can appear in the various media, whether as part of a particular type of story/feature/video/image/etc., or through advertising or public relations efforts the institution originates in the channels it uses for the ad or PR campaign. Each of your “recommendations” (and these should include ideas for at least four of the media channels we have discussed) should include an explanation of which demographic is being targeted (and why); how this audience is likely to consume that particular bit of media; and why that demographic seeing CCNY in that form will help achieve the goals.

*Please ask questions and remember this is about catering to my college

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I need someone to write my 3 page essay for media communications (please read below)
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*Please do you best not write too formal and like a robot. Please have your own writing style.  Keep in mind this about public relations and advertising.  I prefer someone who is familiar with the textbook Media/Impact: An Introduction to Mass Media (Cengage Series in Communication Arts)


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