HW 4

his week we will work on chapter 5 and 7, “The five generic competitive strategies – Which on to employ? and  “Strategies for Competing in International Markets.” 
Chapter 5 describes the five basic competitive strategy options—which of the five to employ is a company’s first and foremost choice in crafting overall strategy and beginning its quest for competitive advantage.
Chapter 7 focuses on strategy options for expanding beyond domestic boundaries and competing in the markets of either a few or a great many countries. The spotlight will be on strategic issues unique to competing successfully in an economy that is globalized. It will introduce a number of core concepts including multi-domestic, global, and transnational strategies as well as the Porter diamond of national advantage and cross-country differences in cultural, demographic, and market conditions. Chapter Seven includes sections on strategy options for entering and competing in foreign markets, the importance of locating operations in the most advantageous countries, and the special circumstances of competing in such emerging markets as China, India, and Brazil, Russia and Eastern Europe.
Go to Week 4 Lecture to see details about the chapter’s content.  
The assignment for the week is shown below:
1. Identify and analyze the current generic strategy your company is implementing. Based on chapter 5 prepare a PowerPoint presentation to be shared with all the classmates next week. Make sure you will give a deep rationale based on the subject. Do not use the company’s name, and use fictitious numbers very close to the reality to support your explanations. If your company is public and the financial information is available, then use it.  Students must be able to identify the generic competitive strategies with all the elements to support the explanations.  

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HW 4
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