Posted: June 7th, 2021

HUS 510- ethics project

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Ethics Project

Create an Ethics Training Manual

Students are to create a training manual for the human service organization. The manual must incorporate concepts from the Ethics course (weeks 1-7).
Note: The content must be presented utilizing APA formatting. Hence, the required components should be listed as subheadings followed by appropriate content. The paper must include a minimum of 10 sources.

Paper Components:

Cover Page
Table of Contents
Ethics Code (NOHS Ethical Code)
Saint Leo University’s core values: Integrity and Community

Discuss how the core values are essential to creating an ethical culture.

Topics 1-7
o Module 1: Personal Values—What are your personal values
o Module 2: Ethics–What is ethics?
o Module 3:Theory—What is the underlying ethical theory that guides ethical decision making in your organization? Why? Select one of the ethical theories
o Module 4: Stakeholders—Who are the stakeholders (internal and external)
o Module 5: Ethical leadership—How is it demonstrated? Who is an ethical leader?
o Module 6: Corporate Social Responsibility—How is this a part of organizational culture?
o Module 7: Corporate Culture—What is the organizational culture? How does it reflect ethical behavior?
Each section must include an overview. Explain the concepts and how it is connected to your organization.


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