Humanity Survey Analysis Paper

The true answer lies within the actions of the beings of this world. In order to fully determine the answer of the question, one must observe each person’s opinion of mankind’s characteristic and behavior individually. In this essay, I will be explaining and accentuating the details on people’s personal opinions on mankind’s behavior and the decorum of humanities interests. In order to achieve desired data, I have conducted a survey interviewing 35 individuals with three questions; Is man essentially indifferent to the suffering of others, or no? Are humans “sheep” who allow others, or do we follow our own path in life?
Are humans basically selfish and selfless? Data showed that out of 35 individuals, 54. 3% of participants state that man is not indifferent, 76. 47% saying that humans are sheep and roughly 88. 5% stating that man is selfish and gloriousness. Judging by the results, you can conclude that most people say that man is selfish and sheepskin people but is not indifferent. Therefore, the sun. ‘eye shows that peoples opinions are optimistic, but not to the point where survival of the fittest is kicked, to the part here 31 individuals have agreed to the selfish criteria.
In this world, I believe there are two types of people: sheep or the wolf. Being the sheep, as said so in the survey, is when people follow the footsteps of others only to achieve similar goals that do not have meaning. Being the wolf is where people separate from the pack and venture off on their path which ultimately leads to loneliness. Coming from a family full Of medical majors, doctors and dentists, I sought to be the wolf of the world where I can become a part of something great. For years, eave dreamt of changing the world by giving what it sorely needs to survive, energy.

In the future, I want to be the one who develops clean energy for the world. Therefore, believe that mankind is indifferent and selfish in their own ways, I individually speaking. Many people have stated that humanity is cruel or selfless, indifferent or heedful. Humanity has been called many things due to its lack of consideration or crudeness such as global warming, war, animal cruelty, or domestic violence. But are we so buried deep inside our flaws that we cannot fathom that fact we can do better to change ourselves?
Or are we too adamant to face reality where people are using Darning’s theory of survival of the fittest keep their place in this world conquered by feudal society? History has shown us dynamic social and industrial revolutions and world wars, showing man’s capability of destroying itself over a piece of land or some border skirmish half/ay around the world, TO ensure selflessness and to pave our pathway towards success, we must act immediately on our behalf to lead better lives, so we can thrive as a whole. It would not only change ourselves individually, but will the change the world forever.

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Humanity Survey Analysis Paper
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