Posted: June 18th, 2021

humanity art

directions for the Gordon Rule: Virtual Art Museum Analysis Assignment
All portions of this assignment must be completed with a passing score (70% or higher) to pass this course. Failure to complete this assignment with a minimum of 70% will result in a failing grade for the entire semester, regardless of the students’ numerical average. 
All students are required to participate in a virtual interactive art museum tour to complete this assignment. Only assignments completed at approved virtual interactive art museums will be graded for credit. 
After receiving approval for your chosen virtual interactive art museum, complete the following worksheet. All virtual art museum approvals are given by the instructor once the student has turned in the Virtual Art Museum Selection Form.  
How to complete this assignment:

After receiving approval from the instructor, virtually visit the art museum. Download a copy of the Virtual Art Museum Analysis Worksheet. You will need to take 4 screenshots/photographs for this project. Take a screenshot of each of the two works of art you will be analyzing. One photo of yourself in front of your computer with the virtual tour open. One screenshot of the virtual tour clearly showing the time and date.  
Virtually visit and interact with your approved art museum and plan to spend at least two hours interacting online. 
Complete the Virtual Art Museum Analysis Worksheet, including photos/screenshots of your two selected works, your proof of attendance, and your selfie with your computer and the website. Upload to Canvas on the provided  Word document worksheet by the designated due date in your course syllabus.

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