Posted: June 19th, 2021


Written Assignment
At least 3-4 pages, not including cover or References pages
Your HR manager has asked you for help in writing a memo. Your company is currently facing a union organizing campaign. You have been asked to write a briefing memo for senior management. Your memo must address:
a. How can workers petition for a union?
b. What can’t you do as an employer during this campaign? Describe at least three things.
c. What are three things you can (and should) do, as an employer, to prepare for the campaign?
Support your answers! In responding, you must use five references. They should be from a scholarly journal or credible news source from within the past three years. At least three should be from course materials. 
Human Resource Management: CHAPTER 12 (SEE ATTACHMENT)
Labor Law-
The NLRB Process-
Module 2- The Unionization Process and Negotiating the Collective Bargaining Agreement- (SEE ATTACHMENT)
8 Stages of the Collective Bargaining Process-
NLRB Good Faith Bargaining-
NLRB Collective Bargaining-

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