Posted: June 16th, 2021

HR: Post and responses

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Please read the article “Why we Love to Hate HR” posted in the Course Materials folder for Week 1. What criticisms have you heard about HR? Are these fair/unfair, unfounded, etc? How can HR address these criticisms? What are HR’s strengths, and as an HR manager, how would you advocate for HR at your company? Please do not just summarize the article, but use this as a launch point for a discussion on the role of HR in today’s organizations. You are encouraged to respond and contribute to the ideas that your peers post. I have heard many criticisms of HR myself in my work at other companies. So I am challenging us all this week, and throughout the course, to consider the value we bring to the company as HR professionals. Happy writing! Have at least 3 replies completed(I will upload later). Replies should be substantive (thoughtful), should further or contribute to the discussion, and should be made throughout the week. You can reference the discussion board grading rubric here. 
The article link

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