Posted: June 21st, 2021

How Will Our Life Go on Without Internet

How will our life go on without internet? It’s hard to imagine that we live in a world without internet which plays an important role in many aspects of our lives. Thus, it’s worth discussing how our life will go on without internet to see what benefits and disadvantages it brings to us. It’s beyond question that our life will be inconvenient if we’re not available to internet. For one thing, we students surf the internet for information frequently in order to write papers, find materials for self-study and so on.
In response to the hypothetical situation, we can only go to library for help but the resources there are limited, making us anxious without adequate and prompt information. For another, it’s a waste of time and labor power to put up notices in campus in every aspect. Assume that we should go to somewhere to check messages every day, how troublesome it is for everyone including students and workers in school. Online shopping is so popular for its multiple choices for us.
If not, we’ll spend much more time on selecting goods in real shops if we want to make comparisons. Besides, we’ll lack a lot of fun if we can’t download music or movies. It’s no wonder that a great number of boys will complain about disappearing online games. Certainly, our life will carry on in the assumption, but it won’t be as colorful as today by narrowing our range of entertainment. But, there’re still some advantages in terms of no internet.

We’ll spend more time with our family or friends instead of being absorbed in online activities. In addition, we don’t need to worry about false information it delivers and turn our focus on reality, avoiding falling in love with someone deceiving for purposes or students being addicted to internet. To conclude, our life tends to be a mess if we don’t have access to internet. As long as enjoying the convenience, we still need to treat it with rationality, trying to minish the negative effects as possible.

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How Will Our Life Go on Without Internet
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