Posted: June 6th, 2021

Homework assignment (Hilary)

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Based on Generation like clip: Answer the following questions:
First, what are your overall impressions of the documentary? Positive, and/or Negative? How do you think being so socially media active affects nonverbal communication? and how does it affect traditional interpersonal communication as a whole? Positive and/or negative? What are your views on the issue of businesses, and corporations using the audience, (the social media users) to market and promote their, merchandise, and products? Do you think it is positive to have desires to post images, and videos of yourself (or individuals) in examples of getting “likes” by any means necessary? Do you think people spend too much time on social media? why or why not? Finally, where is Social medial going to take society in the future? In terms of communication and corporate marketing and sponsoring by social media? Please, also post an image, or Meme, or tweet that recently got you to like, or share it, or maybe has a lot of likes, and caused you to stop and actually question or be shocked at the amount of likes it had and describe its ability to generate so many likes? Do you think there is corporate sponsoring behind it? Why or why not?

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