Posted: June 6th, 2021

Homeopathy Assignment for Nursing Class

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My instructions

This is an assignment that I have to do base on a homeopathic remedy that I must take in order to calm a symptom that I am having, the symptom that I picked is HEADACHE. According to the website provide The homeopathic remedy which best matches my symptoms is Nitricum Acidum and it applies to these:
head; pain, headache; sides; pulsating;  (this link is for the remedy)
I must write a 4-5 pages long paper base on this remedy and must have ( how I took the remedy and its effectiveness use your imagination for this base on what you are reading.), ( MUST BE APA STYLE A TITLE PAGE ALSO MUST HAVE THE REFERENCES AT LEAST 3 YOU CAN USE THE WEBSITE AS ONE)

Teacher Instructions

Homeopathy is a complete healthcare system, and if you are interested in treatment of medical conditions you must seek a professional homeopath.
In this assignment, we will look at everyday issues, not medical conditions. For example if you have a headache, instead of Tylenol, you can try homeopathy.
Part 1

Read through the information provided on carefully and fully.
After inputting your information into the Remedy Finder App, you will get a recommended remedy.
Use the remedy finder to treat you own minor ailment.

You may need to purchase the recommended items/products in your area.

Click on the Remedy Grid and save the screen.
Submit / upload your Remedy Grid.

Part 2

Write a 4-5 page report summarizing the remedy you took.
Please include how you took the remedy and its effectiveness. 
Research the remedy you used further and provide evidence to support its effectiveness. 

Find / use researched articles/books of EBP (Evidenced Based Practice).  Cite and reference your sources (APA Style).

Your paper should be 4-5 pages, including:

title page
reference page according to APA Writing Style
spacing and margin settings (APA Style) 

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