HN510 Unit 9 DBP2

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Assistance is needed in analyzing the below case Scenario:

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HN510 Unit 9 DBP2
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 A cash-poor painter offered to barter a painting in exchange for therapy sessions, in Michigan. The fair market value of the painting was determined by the exact sticker price that was assigned to it by the gallery where it was already for sale and on display. The painting was valued at $900. The therapist’s full fee at the time was $90, and consequently the client contracted the therapist for ten sessions. Having the painting hanging in the therapist’s office deepened the connection with the client and enhanced the therapy. In vast contrast to her dismissive father, competitive mother and jealous brother, the client felt appreciated and valued by the therapist, which translated to a better therapeutic outcome (Zur, 2003). 

What, if any are the ethical boundary violations in this scenario?  What would be some methods could be implemented in staying within these boundaries?

Which NOHS Standard would this scenario violate?  Why?

List some techniques to maintain ethical behavior in the event of such a scenario?

APA Format, In-Text Citation and Reference(s) and 450 word min.  Please and Thank You.


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