Primary source review – the student will identify 1 primary source (see the History Department Writing Guide for description), and write a brief (250-500 word) review of that source, summarizing its relevance to their paper topic. The review must begin with a full bibliographic reference for the primary source, formatted according to the History Department Writing Guide. The student’s final paper may or may not have more primary sources in it, but all papers must have at least 1 primary source – The student will complete a final research paper on the chosen topic or 1250-1750 words. The .  The primary source review will count for 10% of the final course grade.

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   Final research paper topic, old kingdom egypt. it should be 1250-1750 words, paper should be typed, double spaced, , 1” margins all around, using the 12pt Times New Roman Font.  This paper must include a total of 5 separate sources, including at least 1 primary source.  The paper should be supported by citations and a bibliography page, and these must conform to the History Department Writing Guide.    The final research paper is worth 30% of the course grade  


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