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A.     Consider the different teams presented in your reading assignment. How do the teams manage their team boundaries? What are the trade-offs between internal cohesion and external ties within each type of team? Support your discussion with at least two (2) external sources.
B.     Consider the list of common roles for team members which of these roles do you think you play in your own team or group? Why?

Notes: Your answer should be at least 450 words with  references (at least 2, properly cited for part A)

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Reading assignment:
Making The Team (5th Edition) by Thompson – Chapter 10.
Chong, D. S., Eerde, W., Rutte, C. G., & Chai, K. H. (2012). Bringing employees closer: The effect of proximity on communication when teams function under time pressure. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 29(2). 205-215.
Troth, A. C., Jordan, P. J., Lawrence, S. A., & Tse, H. M. (2010). A multilevel model of emotional skills, communication performance, and task performance in teams. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 33(5). 700-722.


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