health care project

Each student is required to prepare a one (1) page profile on some part of the US Health Care Delivery System. Students must select one (1) of the following venues of the US Health Care Delivery System from any city/state in the US:
-long-term care facility
-federally qualified health center
-multi-specialty physician center
-rural hospital
-urban medical center 
-mental health outpatient clinic
-state owned mental health hospital 
-outpatient rehabilitation center (OT, PT, Speech)
-rehab hospital (OT, PT, Speech)
-outpatient surgery center
-outpatient substance use clinic
-substance use hospital
The one Pager shall include:
Name of the Facility
City, State
Mission, Vision, Values (if they have these)
Facility a for-profit or not-for-profit?
Describe the services provided by the facility
Describe the population served by the facility (i.e. ethnic diversity)
CEO Name
Name of the Chair of the Board of Directors/Trustees
# of Board Members
What are the various types of job openings at this facility?
Does the facility leadership participate in a community health assessment process? 
A Written Strategic Plan?
User Friendly Website?
Is there a Patient Portal for patients to access their medical record?
Based on all the information you are able to recover and your review, what are the three (3) overall conclusions you have drawn about this facility.

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health care project
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