Happiest Moment

Every day I wake up feeling grumpy. It’s a brand new day, but I know nothing new will happen. It’s the same old school-house routine and I’ve grown tired of it. School can be really boring sometimes. Or maybe most of the time. One day, in one of our groups, works in a school, an outreach program actually, we were asked to visit a home for street children. The group’s task was to conduct some sort of peer tutorial session with the street children in subjects like math and science. We were to teach them just the basics addition, subtraction, the human body. Stuff like that. In the process, we were also to observe their behavior and how they respond to us. I thought to myself, great. So I’ll spend my whole morning with a bunch of street kids. From what I know, street kids are mostly ill-mannered. What a waste of time, I know I won’t get anything from it anyway. I might even get into a fight with those kids. But still, I went to the home just to comply with the school requirement. I almost dragged my feet when we entered the home.

The home supervisor met us at the entrance and led us to a room which she called their play area. When we opened the door, about 20 kids gleefully greeted us, “Good morning, visitors”, I was surprised, and so were my group mates. I saw and felt the excitement of the children knowing that visitors were arriving in their home. Then they all sat down quietly, eager to listen to whatever we will be teaching them that day. My groupmates and I introduced ourselves to the children and we started with the lessons right away. Good thing my group mates prepared some games that were related to the s we taught to the kids. I had so much fun, I even found myself cheering on the kids during the relay games. Time passed quickly that morning. Before we knew it, it was already time to go. As we were packing up our things, a kid approached me and said, “Thank you”, and hugged me tightly. She smiled at me then left to join the other kids who were already in the dining area having their lunch. It was my happiest moment. I’ve never appreciated school activities like that before, and I’ve never felt appreciated like that before either. Perhaps my grumpiness has always engulfed me. Since that day at the home, I started to notice things that I never minded noticing before. I observed that my mom always smiled at me while she’s preparing my breakfast , and that my classmates always greeted me whenever I see them. My teachers praise me when I get A ‘s in my tests. I realized there are so many beautiful things happening around me and I am surrounded by wonderful people. There are a lot…

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Happiest Moment
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