Posted: May 28th, 2021

Going to College: “Leaving the nest”

Going into college one of the main thing I looked forward to was moving out of my parents home. I always thought how cool it would be to be on my own and to have no one around to tell me what to do or when to do it. In fact “leaving the nest” is an actual term. “Leaving the nest or moving out refers to the notion of a young person moving out of the accommodation provided by their guardian, fosterers or parent.
Such a move can be motivated by various factors, including a desire for independence, the discovery of a more viable location and/or practicality. Some cultures actually view leaving the nest as one of the key milestones in the transition from teen-hood to becoming an adult besides obtaining employment and getting wedded”.
This is one of the first transition you’ll make so of course it can be scary. Your basically on your own with the exception of having roommates. For most, your parents raise you so they cook, clean, do your laundry etc. Now your out on your own trying to figure out how to make a way. This was probably one of the biggest challenges for me. I remember after spending all day in class I would want to come home to a nice home-cooked meal and just go to bed.

Well reality sure came knocking on my door, the only home-cooked meal I would be eating is one I cooked. Going off to college can cause a little anxiety so I have found ways to lessen the homesick feelings. For starter, get a couple of pictures of your family, friends, pets, anything that you will be leaving behind that will be greatly missed and frame it. Put these pictures all around your room, so you have constant happy memories with people you love the most,. Surprisingly, when I had a bad day these pictures lifted my spirits. Even if you have s special stuffed animal, pillow, bring it with.
Make your new apartment more homey so that you feel like your at home while staying there. Another important thing is make time to talk to your family! I would talk to my grandma once a week and FaceTime my mom every night while away in school.i sent my parents college shirts from the school I was attending and once they received them they sent me pictures.
This was one of the best feelings, talk about feeling proud! If you had certain traditions at home it’s also fun to try to recreate them in college. Another important thing is to invest in you. When I say this, I mean to stay focused on what’s important like school but also be open, you’re going to meet new people and discover new passions. Use this time away from home to open up, discover the world in a different view them before.
These things really helped me keep my mind off of the fact that I missed my parents so dearly. Staying active which you sure will be from homework alone will also help distract you. “Remember, your parents miss you as much as you miss them, but they know this is a wonderful time of growth and a new sense of respect. Also, Have fun celebrating your adulthood while you’re learning away from home!” (BedVoyage) .
Chapter two  “Attitude”
“You should just know that about 43% of students who begin college never finish, and most who leave do so during their first year. This exit from college is not only because students are not academically prepared Sometimes they are not attitudinally prepared.” (An Attitude for Success at College 2018).
College is a place that will inspire you but challenge you as well. College goes in much greater depth then high school. In high school you don’t get the options to chose your own courses and explore different subjects. From personal experience you can’t go into college with a negative attitude. College is nothing like high school as far as work load or time management. If you have a positive attitude towards college this will greatly show in your grades.
You can’t always think okay I’m just going wait last minute and just write down whatever just to get the assignment. “We all face difficulties, setbacks, and challenges. A positive attitude can help you see your self through these rough times and achieve your goals. . Setting the pattern of a positive attitude in college will strengthen students ability to remain strong as they pursue the goals that they set for themselves.” (An Attitude for Success at College 2018).
Your classes are always going to be what you expected or The grade you received on a test didn’t turn out quite as you hoped it would. Although you can’t go back and redo the test to achieve a higher grade, you can take this as a lesson learned and change your thought trial. You can’t always over think situations especially ones you can change, with that being said take this with a positive attitude. Use this last test to motivate you to study harder, pay more attention, ultimately to receive a better grade on your next. You have the choice to dwell on it or move forward positively.
You have to be able to take responsibility, though some things occur in our lives that clearly are out of our control you can’t blame others for your misfortune. If you do so you will dwell on the past and not move forward. If you can maintain ownership, you can be more focused on taking the steps towards changed and growth. Always extend assistance, kindness, compassion, or just a helping hand to someone. Giving consideration to another person’s needs can brighten their day, as well as yours. Remembering and reflecting on the positive aspects your life will help you maintain a more positive attitude.” (Staley, 46-47).
The word you choose can definitely affect your attitude as well. If you sit here and say I can’t do something or I’ll never be able to do something nine times out of ten you won’t do it. Not even for the reason being that you can but because of your attitude alone. Studies actually show that your attitude can change the outcome of a situation.
Change those I can to I can and want to wills. You have to be willing to open yourself up to new experiences, this will not only increase your confidence but your success and some situations. Start your day with a more positive attitude and watch it do wonders. I can’t express to you enough how serious it is to have a positive attitude towards college. High school was something that had to be done, college is not. If you’re going to go in with a negative attitude you aren’t ready. Everything is basically in your hands while in college, you ensure your own success.
Chapter three “Work load”
A psychology teacher, Drew. c appleby did A study where she asked 24 students in rolled in a freshman learning community to tell the differences they had experience between their high school classes in there college classes. She then contacted analyze their responsible for the responses in the categories that reflected basic differences between their academic experiences in high school and college. Her students identified several differences between high school classes in college classes, most of which dealt with the work assigned in class is.
Students said that both the amount and difficulty of the work they were required to do in college classes had increased significantly from high school. “Even though you may not be in class as long as in high school, the amount of time you have to put in to complete the assigned work is doubled, even tripled” (Appleby 2017). In college you literally have to read over everything, if you don’t you will soon realize that your assignment has been done incorrect from how to professor would have liked it done.
And high school you literally would get your essay And read over it briefly just to get the just. I remember one time in my own case we had been assigned an essay, I read only the first half of the page because that’s where i and read over it briefly just to get the just. I remember one time in my own case we have been assigned an essay, I read only the first half of the page because that’s where what was asked of us was put. It took me about four days to complete this essay and I was ecstatic I really thought that I had done a great job on it.
I brought my essay to my class all to find out that the bottom of the page the professor really didn’t even want assignment turned in. He sought out an experiment to see how many students really would have actually follow directions sadly I was not one. Don’t be like me, go into college anticipating that the workload will be much higher then in college! Being that the work load is much high that me as high have to set aside more time to study and get the assignment done.
In high school my workload was mostly worksheets and problems to solve from the textbook. In college, you’ll have a lot more essay type assignments and to read more. On average for my one class alone we read around 60 or more pages per week. Considering the excessive amount of work load, the colleges are very helpful with resources as far as tutoring and library hours. There are plenty of academic resources available for assistance.
I can’t stress to you enough to use them, they’re included in your tuition. Sometimes the amount of work that we are given is just to much to be done at home, there are to many distractions at home. The library is a perfect place to read the textbook or do your research essay. Of course, you’ll always have your professors for help as well. Most of them have office hours designed for you to stop by and ask any questioners you have about the course assignments.
If the hours don’t work with your schedule, they’re usually open for any questions you may have via email. If you can manage your time wisely and make sure that you get all of your studying done then you should be able to complete what is asked of you. Take it from me, don’t give up don’t let the amount of work put you in to a place where you feel like you can complete all of it. You can and you will. All of this can sound crazy overwhelming but your work load most defiantly be managed. Utilize the academic resources you are given, stay positive, and strive for your goals!
Chapter four  “Deadlines”
In high school one thing I vividly remember he’s never turning my assignments in when they were due but getting full credit. In high school I feel like your teachers are more so concerned about you actually just getting the work done so they have something to grade rather then being done and turned in at a timely manner.
I was in a world of hurt when I thought I could do this entering college. There are no missed or late assignments, college professors don’t hold your hand like a high school teachers do. “College teachers expect their students to read the syllabus, and the classroom is set up to where it is sink or swim. Do the work or fail.
High school teachers reminded us about the deadlines for our projects every day and tried to help us if we were struggling.” It’s really cool that college teachers treat us like adults, but the down side of this is that we have to act like adults too!” (Appleby 2017).College professors don’t care what the reason maybe to why you couldn’t get the assignment in on time.
In one of the courses that I previously took, the only excused reason for a late assignment was a family death or pregnancy. There’s really no excuse. You shouldn’t take on to many classes if you are someone who knows they can’t handle a lot of work. If you can’t manage to get your assignments in on time you simply just will not pass, some professors won’t accept it and just give you a zero or some will take as much as 50 points off.
You have to be able to manage a social life, daily routines, in all your classes in one. It’s definitely doable, thousands of college students do it daily. Again I feel like that’s just kind of tied in to other stuff that we went over like your attitude towards school. If you aren’t serious you won’t make it so again make sure you put time aside to get the assignment done efficiently by the today. Get it in with no problems, don’t wait till last minute to do it but I guarantee there will be issues.
One of the classes that I have recently took in the past, the professor was very nice. Though the professor was nice she specifically said she wanted all of her assignments turned in by 11:59 on Sunday night every week. As I did this every week I had very good grades and I actually enjoyed what I was being taught. One Sunday it was like 11:45, I waited until last minute to turn my Assignment in even though it was already done and with my luck the website was down.
The problem with this is that even though I emailed her letting her, know as multiple students did she didn’t care. She specifically said she needed the assignment turned in by that time not that you had turned in at 11:59. She expects it to be done regardless of the matter and that’s just what happens. I had to take the loss of some points because of something I was completely out of my hand but because of simple fact that I waited last minute to turn it in.
Don’t procrastinate, usually on the syllabus it reads all the deadlines. You know well in advance when things are so, get them done. Take advantage of the fact that you know what’s expected of you in advance. If you have spare time try to get some extra assignments done even if you just start them, somethings better then nothing that way when the time comes you have a head start.
Chapter five  “Absences & tardies ”
Though this doesn’t seem as important as the other topics it is so important! College isn’t something that you have to attended to, everything is on your terms. Whether you show up to class or not is on you whether you do work is on you, it’s all on you. Most colleges have a very strict attendance and tardy policy.
From my own experience my professors had a 3 x 3 will. This role was that you could literally only miss the class three times if you missed Moore you were withdrawn from the class. Three Tardies equals one absence, no exceptions. They followed is very strictly unless you had a family member pass away or you were in a pregnancy with a doctors Note. When I lived in orlando, I spent so much time exploring the area. We tried all kinds of new stuff.
Of course there are night clubs you can get into at 18 so one time I went out on a night I knew I had class at 7:30 am the next day. Talk about mistake, you shouldn’t miss unless it’s really an emergency because boy does three absences add up quick. Not only does missing class cost you get behind In the work but it can cause you to lose out on financial aid or any grants you have received from the school. Once you get behind on assignment your teacher when I catch you up, it’s hard because What’s the things you do in college are like a chain.
When I say this I mean that in order to complete the second assignment you have to to complete the first one to understand what’s expected of you in the second. Partying and exploring is very fun but you need to be able to find a balance. You have to ensure that you won’t miss school for non important reasons because if not you will potentially cause your self to be with drawn from your classes.
Your professors are not evil, they’re just doing there job. If they feel you are missing so much because you aren’t serious about the class of course they’re going to have no mercy for you. They are there to ensure you education, if they feel there times being wasted I can ensure you they not take you serious nor go the extra mile to help you succeed.
Chapter six  “Time management”
This is one of the more important topics in this handbook being that having good time management skills will lead into all the other topics. There are many things that can help give you organized in college to help ensure everything is done on time and you are able to get the rest your body needs.
Make sure you write everything down, your professor will let you know that you have an assignment due in two days and in the follow days a test make sure you write down the dates. At this stage in your life you have so much going on at once that mental notes just aren’t cutting it because nine time out of ten they’ll be forgotten. Utilize your phone! “There are millions of apps and such that can help you when it comes to prioritizing and saving time.”
Your phone has a calendar and schedule, and even will remind you with important due dates. Get into a routine that works for you and stick to it. Once you get used to this routine you will have everything done at a timely manner and when you have extra time left over you can use that as social time or down time for your self.
“Stay organized, if you can keep your school work organized this can be a huge factor in saving you time” (“ 7 Effective Time Management Tips for College Students”). Avoiding clutter is the best way to go, no one wants to spend an hour searching on there computer for a file that needs to be turned in. Another way is using a check list, yes this sound so old fashioned but you’d be amazed but how well this can help not only keep you organized but make sure you’ve got everything you needed to be done, completed.
Lastly make sure to find a balance. “It’s important to take a step back and breathe. It’s okay to ask for help when needed. Time management means nothing if you are emotionally, physically, and psychologically drained, make sure to keep healthy.”(“ 7 Effective Time Management Tips for College Students”). It’s important to find the balance between success and happiness while taking care of your own wellbeing. Try and tackle the smaller tasks first, the larger tasks tend to overwhelm people causing procrastination for the rest of the things on there to do list.

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