ghraphic design images writing assignment due in 24 hrs

will need 750 words written about each image you will find in the  folder , the writing will be based on some questions ( you will find  them bellow )  , it will be better to find an expert who did Graphic  Design essays before 
please follow the instruction very carefully  
Write at least
words that explain the
following about the image:
– What design period does the image most
likely represents and why … compare it to
other images of time period.
– Where is most of the Tension found in the
image … the Form, Coding, or Narrative?
– Which parts would you describe as being
iconic, indexical (if any), and symbolic.
– Which parts are overcoded, undercoded,
and creatively coded (if any). How does the
context change parts from being one coding
to another.
– Title:  Times, bold; 14 points; 
– Your name: under title; last name, 
first name;Times, regular; 12 
points; centered
– Section titles (if needed):Times, 
bold; 11points
– Body text:Times; 11points; 1.5 
line spacing; 1 inch margins; align 
please look at the attachment

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ghraphic design images writing assignment due in 24 hrs
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