Gang Essay

Alexander Williams Society today can be Very Pressuring Especially Adolescent teen who want respect Usually out of fear. Young people tend to recognize at an emotional level that they are truly Incapable of dealing with the world and feel as though they would be empowered if they Belong to something larger. Sometimes their “friends” invite them to become a member of a Gang and there can be some intimidation, which plays right into their emotional feeling of Weakness. Once they grow up a little, emotionally that is, many of the former gang members Recognize that it’s not a good idea and they try to leave.
At that point, some gangs have a “no exit” policy and life gets difficult. It really is unfortunate that so many of them believe in the rhetoric of the gang members. It’s partially a result of the warehousing practices of the public school system that end up not teaching anything of value leaving these kids to learn nonsense from other kids. While it’s true that a value oriented education system will not be able to save them all, it would certainly be able to do better than what we have now.
Once a person joins a gang, their complete loyalty is demanded by the gang even over their family. Everything the gang tells them to do, they have to do, even stealing from their family. Gangs rule by fear ; intimidation. They accomplish this by committing crimes within their turf, or boundary, as set by various gangs. Many times the worst crimes are committed by younger members of the gang, ; for 2 reasons. First, they want to show the gang their loyalty ; second, they get in less trouble with the law if they get caught.

The main effects are the amount ; degree of crime committed by members that over burden law enforcement, jails, ; courts. Another is the breakdown of the community because of the fear. ; intimidation. Gang areas usually result in attempted murder, torture, mayhem, etc. case where a person was hogtied, shot, stabbed. We need to get the cities on our side first. Organize families, neighborhoods and areas, once you get community cooperation it will be easier to reach the children. All children have some respect for their families or an authority figure at some point in their life.
If we can motivate small neighborhoods to take care of their children as a community we can reach some before it is too late. Even for teenagers who are thought of as it being too late to reach, there is always time. It just takes time to build a trusting relationship with each other. It helps if the authority figure is someone from a similar background, but it is not necessary. Don’t blame one ethnic group for all the violence and degradation of society, it is just as much a white problem as it is any other color problem. Our society seems to perpetuate the myth of the poor violent minority

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Gang Essay
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