Posted: May 28th, 2021

Future India

Below is a free essay on “India’s Future” from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples. About twenty-five years ago, our then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had started to remind us that India is too early to reach Ikkisvi. We have twenty-first century. Where is the twenty-first century India, how, how is going to be, where to reach – it is a vivid theme. It will consider some aspects of it. Certainly in the new century is a lot of things were looking very bright.
Than in the past twenty years or fifty years ahead of India is visible. Such revolutions are many. The computer revolution is under way. Mobile revolution is – now the poor man’s pocket to get a cell phone. A? tomobail revolution is under way. There was a time when the scooter had to find the number, he’d get to Blake. There were only two models of cars – Ambassador and Fiat. Now go to the showroom, favorite Mothers of Dal Motrsaikl or bring the car up. Ever- Mothersare coming to market is dull. See the cars on the street cars.
Forlen roads – is being Sikslen. Highway, Expressway talks to the smooth air vehicles on the roads. “Forlen the word the child – Bchchee is up to the tongue. There is a similar revolution in education. First Engineering, Medical, B. Ed. College used to be counted. Today – a city of ten – ten college and those seats are empty. Initiatives were selected convent school, now England Medium School Street – the street, the neighborhood is exposed. Our national income, six, seven, eight per cent growth rate is increasing.

In 2007-08 came the blow of the recession in the world, he could not impress us much. In the meantime we have to make atomic bombs. We are dreaming of becoming a world superpower. United Nations Security Council non-permanent members have become, to become a permanent member of the hand – are scrambling. Obamaji to be grateful for, the dream that we are expected to be completed. Ckacand darkness behind But the glitter seems a hollow. Ckacand behind the middle of a dark – comes across the remains. As such, a few days before the Global Hunger Index (Global…

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Future India
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