For natural science guru final

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For natural science guru final
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Your essay responses will be graded using the SLA Multi-Essay Rubric. The Final Exam is worth 25% of your overall grade.

Final Exam Essays

Select two of the four essay questions below and provide a one-page (a minimum of 250 words) response to each of the two questions. Your answers should make APA style references to our course texts and should include your own original analysis and/or examples beyond those used in our course texts.

Item A

Identify one benefit and one challenge of intercultural and/or interracial relationships. Provide an example of each. What strategies would you recommend for overcoming the challenge you identified?

Item B

Identify and discuss four of the five ways of thinking about cultural imperialism listed in Chapter 7 of Martin and Nakayama. Propose two possible effects of cultural imperialism on intercultural communication and provide examples of each.

Item C

Identify and discuss four characteristics of popular culture listed in Chapter 7 of Martin and Nakayama. Discuss two potential effects of under-representation of various groups in popular culture and provide examples of each.

Item D

Compare and contrast the indirect conflict style with the emotionally expressive conflict style. Give at least two examples of how these styles may vary according to culture.


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