Posted: May 13th, 2021

for miss professor only

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 Discussion 1
Based on Chapter 6, what is a coordinating conjunction and how does it work in a compound sentence? What is a complex sentence. If you can, give examples of each.  75 words count

Discussion 2
Review the following video:
What did you learn about the outline from the video? What does an outline look like? Does it contain full sentences or fragmented ideas? Should it also include research and citations? Why or why not?  
How complete should an outline be before moving on to the next step of the writing process? Explain. 75 word counts

 Discussion 3
Class what the hanging indent is and how to format it? 75 word counts  

Discussion 4
What is plagiarism? How can we avoid it when writing essays? What will you do or not do when you are writing papers? Explain. 75 words

Discussion 5
You might be surprised (or maybe not) that many, many people have been busted for plagiarism.   If you don’t believe me, do a simple Google search to find out some famous and no-so-famous people who were discredited for plagiarizing.
Then, come here and share an example that you found.

Remember to give a short summary of the incident and the url link, so we can go there to learn more.   75 words

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