for math guruu

1. Pedro had $14.90 in his wallet. He spent $1.25 on a drink. How much does he have left?
(a) Estimate the answer by rounding to the nearest whole numbers before subtracting.
(b) Will your estimate be high or low? Explain.
(c) Find the difference. Show your work. 
Answer: c 15.00 – 1.25 = 13.75

(Score for Question 2: ___ of 6 points)
2. Decide which estimate is closest to the actual answer. Explain your reasoning.
(a) A store bought 35 lb of produce. If the store spent $100.80, about how much does the produce cost per pound in dollars? 0.03, 0.3, 3, 30
(b) A 6-pack of juice boxes contains 49.2 oz of juice in total. About how many ounces of juice does each juice box contain? 0.8, 8, 80, 800
(c) In 20 L of air, there is about 0.78 L of carbon dioxide. About how many liters of carbon dioxide are there in 1 L of air? 0.04, 0.4, 4, 40
Answer: c
(Score for Question 3: ___ of 5 points)
3. Owen’s parents were planning a big birthday party for him.
(a) His parents spent $2.49 on each of 6 goodie bags. How much did they spend on goodie bags? Show your work.
(b) They spent $150 to rent a bounce house for 8 hours. How much is the hourly rate for the rental? Show your work.
(c) If the parents spent a total of $182.53 on the party, how much more did they spend than what was spent in parts (a) and (b)? Show your work. 
Answer: A = 2.49 x 6 = $14.94
              B = 150.00/ 8 = $18.75
              C = 182.53 – 14.94 – 18.75 = 148.84


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for math guruu
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1 a Estimation to the nearest whole numbers before subtracting: Try again and resubmit
1 b High or low estimate?: Try again and resubmit.
1 c Find the difference between $14.90 and $1.25: Thank you for showing your work! Great job!
2a, 2b, 2c Three multiple choice answers and explanation: Try again and resubmit
3 a Calculating how much was spent on goodie bags, showing work: Great job! Thank you for showing your work!
3 b Calculating hourly rate for rental on a bounce house: Great job! Thank you for showing your work!
3 c Calculate the total of a and b. Show the difference between $182.53 and that total.: Try again and resubmit.


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