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Review the response you gave for the second discussion in Unit 1 regarding your own personal strengths and skills in relation to early childhood education. After all your reading and work in this course, how do you feel your initial statements regarding your own strengths will help you? Do you see any personal areas that you need to strengthen in preparation for this role?


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The following are the traits and skills that are quite paramount for an early childhood teacher. They include:
· Patience- when dealing with minors or children, patience is highly needed given that at times children are quite impatient. Therefore, a teacher is required at all times to have a high level of patience to avoid frustration.
· Passion- I strongly believe that teaching should be out of passion. Therefore, an early childhood teacher should have a passion for teaching. There should be some genuine care for the young ones. Passion for teaching reduces frustrations (Deiner, 2009).
· Highly adaptable- today’s learning environment is very different as compared to the gone days.  Today’s children do learn in a variety of methods or ways. A given method may work for a given student however that may not be the case for another student. Therefore, teachers need to be highly adaptable so that they can embrace different methods of teaching.
· Organizational skills- a teacher at any level need to be highly organized. Organizational skills are important given that they enhance the quality of knowledge a teacher delivers to his or her students (Deiner, 2009). Therefore, early childhood teachers need also to be highly organized.
· Creativity- as a profession teacher need to embrace creativity in their works. For example, an early childhood teacher needs to be great in imagination so that the children can be attentive.  Teachers also need to be very imaginative so that they can come up with an interactive learning environment.  

Application of Learning
Reflect on the many elements related to early childhood education we have discussed. What is the most memorable issue you will take away with you from this course, and how will you apply or use that learning in the future?


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