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Read the following scenario and then thoughtfully discuss the question.  You are currently working as a contractor building state of the art airports. One of the managerial accountants of the company you work for comes to talk to you about the budget for a project on which you have taken the lead. He wants to know your estimate for the cost of the project. You know that your future with the company depends on your performance in relation to this budget. Your best guess for this project is that it will cost $2,000,000.

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When discussing my estimate of $2,000,00 dollars for the project with my boss I would explain my budgeting objectives, the benefits to these objectives, and procedures of how my team plans to accomplish this in a very timely manner.  I will have physical displays or graphs of the budget requirements, but I will, also, display the daily project display board our team has developed. I will, also, include the feedback and information obtained from the actual results of the projects progress. I would be sure our charts, plans, and project development included all levels of the budget being taken into consideration, as well: strategic, operations, and continuous. These actions and explanations would be to ensure transparency and accountability to my boss for the operating budget for this project. And, all of this is in hopes the boss can have peace of mind and confidence in mine and my team’s ability! Yet, even if not, I am confident we would successful with specific and careful planning, analysis, and practical execution.


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