Theories and Techniques: Summarize: Good work summarizing each of the concepts.  How could you integrate the advantages and disadvantages of each one into the concepts of the Nissan case study?  Each concept has distinct advantages and disadvantages in regard to Nissan that should be highlighted.
Sustainability: Triple Bottom Line: Excellent job describing the TBL and how it can enhance OM.  You pointed out ways in which Nissan is focusing on people, planet, and profit to be sustainable, great job!
Sustainability: ISO 14000:
Great explanation of ISO14000 standards and Nissan’s benefits from the standards.  But, how does Nissan specifically integrate the standards into their plants?  Examples are needed here that may need to come from outside research (i.e.- the green program, adding an enironmental manager, etc).
Sustainability: Corporate Responsibility: Nice work describing Corporate Responsibility and the value it brings to a company.  But, in your opinion what is the most effective approach for Nissan to take in regards to CR (be sure to state this explicitly)?  What support could you include such as benchmarking, to defend this opinion?
Articulation of Response: Portions of the paper were difficult to follow due to word choice, for example the first section you cover Simply in Time, should this be Just in Time?  I suggest proofreading each section carefully for the final paper.

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