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This paper gives an outline of  the results found after carefully study of a student who is under industrialized education program (IEP).The paper reflects on the current behavior change that needs to be changed in order to improve the learning environment. It further summaries the outcomes of changing the behavior, and develops interventions procedure to implement in order to change the identified behavior.
The student had several behavior changes that needs to be improve in order for the learning to improve, first and foremost , the student has eye sight problem, this problems is so much severe to a point of the student failing to see the reading materials, this totally discourages the student from reading so much hence, affecting the performance. The student only concentrates in the reading of only small quantities. The behavior of failing to analyze the study materials so much is therefore attributable to the eye sight problems. The other current behavior that needs instant change in order to improve the learning is that the student is generally lazy. The laziness of the student is displayed after he fails to do several assignments that are assign to him, he normally copy what his friends have done.
These behaviors of the students need to be addressed immediately so that the academic performance can further improve, The behavior of the child of refusing to read a huge amount of notes due to the eyesight, can be addressed by having the notes printed in large fonts, the fonts will at least motivate the student, the student’s morale of reading will improve. If the student enjoys reading more notes then learning consequently increases. This will be displayed by his performance in the test given. The general laziness of the student on the other hand, can change by encouraging, and motivating the student. The student needs to be encouraged by giving him examples of people who are now living a good life because of the hardworking. He should further be notified of the consequences of laziness, and that it something that is even condemned biblically. He student should be made aware of the phrase that says, poverty shall strike the lazy people like an armed robber. If the student is made aware of the phrase, he should change his behavior. The student should also be motivated, if the he achieve anything he should be rewarded accordingly, rewarding will help reinforce this behavior positively. The student will therefore be headed to the right direction and learning accordingly increases.

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for charandry
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