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75 words each questions

First, define an underrepresented group in the U.S. You may use a group that was historically underrepresented but is not now. How has/was this group in the U.S. been expected to assimilate into the dominant U.S. society? 75 words

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The largest minority group currently in the United States are Hispanics/Latinos. Next largest are African Americans, then Asian Americans. There is other data included in the link below, Class. Once you look at this information, choose a category to discuss. What other information is important to our class? Why are these other categories even listed or counted? 75 words

 how much do you think stress matters with intergroup relations? 75 words

How to overcome biases? 75 words

When we look at group interactions and how one group may see another group, social scientists look at ethnocentrism and cultural relativism. Ethnocentrism is seeing one’s own culture as the best – the only. Relativism is when we view a culture on its own terms, from within that culture.
Being insulted by a cartoon depicting Mohammad, when seen relatively, is completely understandable – the Prophet is not to be seen in any type of image. Yet, many cultures use cartoons and satire to comment on their own cultures.
How do we reconcile these two differing ideas? 75 words


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