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National Responsibility for Social Justice
There is ongoing debate about the responsibility of wealthy nations to remedy social injustice around the globe. Those who argue against offering aid to combat social injustice may point to various failed initiatives as proof that the effort is not worthwhile. Haiti, for instance, represents a bold example of a costly and less than effective humanitarian aid mission. Despite millions of dollars contributed for Haiti in the wake of the 2010 earthquake, there is little evidence that the aid helped the country to recover efficiently. However, there are moral issues concerning the need to protect and defend the privileges and freedoms that define basic human rights. Is the answer for wealthy nations to respond to any and all situations where basic human rights are compromised, or should there be a limit established based on the type or severity of the social injustice?
To prepare for this Discussion:

Review the article, “World Poverty and Human Rights.” Consider theories of how nations cause and maintain poverty.      Think about reasons why nations may be responsible for providing solutions to poverty.
Review the article, “Do We Owe the Global Poor Assistance or Rectification? Response to World Poverty and Human      Rights.” Consider the argument that nations help each other and may  not be responsible for global social injustice.
Review the article, “The Humanitarian Illusion.” Reflect on motives for providing aid.
Consider whether it is a moral responsibility for richer nations to help poorer nations.

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With these thoughts in mind:
Post by Thursday 2/15/18 a 500-word response regarding your thoughts about whether or not it is a moral responsibility for richer nations to help poorer nations, and explain why. Justify your response with an example that supports your rationale.
Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.


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