florence nightingle enviornment theory clc

CLC –  Florence nightingale enviornmentalTheory .
1. YES – the presentation is 10-15 slides. (my part initial 4-5 slides)
2. There are 3 critical elements that need to be discussed:
3. Overview and efficacy for the model selected.(my part of topic)
4. How the four metaparadigm concepts can be explained using the selected model.
5. Provide three evidence-based examples demonstrating the application of the theory selected and support for current practice.(one example for my part)
· Slides should be clear and concise. A rule of thumb is “No more than 7 bullets of 7 words per slide”
· Yes, slide content should be cited (slides and speaker notes)
· Speaker Notes are written in the space under each slide. Speaker notes should look like a formal paper. They are in paragraph form and include intext citations. (They will look like you took a paragraph out of a document and pasted it into the speaker notes section….with the exception that they will be single spaced).
1. Layout – see suggestion regarding bullets. Images are acceptable
2. Language & mechanics – see rubric
3. Sources: USE APA to cite intext sources and references
At the end of the project, each submission will receive a score. Based on the assessment of participation from the other members of the group, I will determine if a person will earn full credit or partial credit related to participation. In other words, people on the same team may have different scores. I will request participation information at the end of Week 3 when the presentations are due.
Items to consider: Did each member of the group complete the duty designated or agreed upon by the group members? Was communication clear and respectful? Did each member complete the duty by the date decided on by the group?

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florence nightingle enviornment theory clc
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