Posted: June 14th, 2021

First Aid and Buttercups Cc Pin

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Name: Kirsty Beale Nursery: Buttercups CC PIN: MU2. 4 Contribute to Children and Young People’s Health and Safety 3. 1 Identify non medical incidents and emergencies that may occur in the work setting * Fires * Flooding * Loss of property * Lack or loss of electricity,gas,water and heat * Data loss * Breach of confidentiality * Legal issues * Personal relationships * Bad management * Bad planning . 1 Identify the signs and symptoms which may indicate that a child or young person in injured or unwell. * Temperature over 37. 5c * Unresponsive * Lethargic * Nausea * Vomiting * Dizziness * Difficulty breathing * Rash * Diarrhoea * Chronic Headaches * Stomach pains 4. 2 Identify circumstances where children or young people may need urgent medical attention. * Broken bones * Unconscious/unresponsive * Shallow Breathing Asthma attack * Temperature over 80c * In severe pain * Dislocation * Confusion * Allergies * Chocking 4. 3 Outline own role and responsibilities in the event of a child or young person requiring urgent medical attention. If I found a child showing any of the above symptoms I would evaluate what the symptoms are to the treatment needed if non-emergency I would immediately alert the appointed first aider so the child’s care can proceed.
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If the child needs more substantial medical care an ambulance will be called and the parent/carer of the child will be informed what is wrong and where the child will be, when the situation is under control the settings medical forms will be filled out for legal purposes. 6. 2 Describe Personal Protective Clothing that is used to protect spread of infection. * Disposable gloves * Disposable aprons * Wounds to be dressed properly * Appropriate clothing and footwear to be worn * Body piercing’s covered or removed * Offensive tattoo’s covered or removed * Hair tied back

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