There are 3 pdfs one is a book and you only need chapter 16. The other 2 are articles that will need as well. WHAT IS IN RED “ITS ACTUALLY WHATS IN BOLD.
Assignment changes in red: just write bullets for all of the prompts (as of 4/24)
You have hit the big-time. 
You are part of a team that has been awarded a grant from the Aspen Institute. The grant is for $10,000 toward your research initiative that promotes reform in sport (it’s a big grant – congratulations).
For your grant project, your team must come to consensus on the most paramount social issues in sport, and will construct a detailed proposal of reforms for those issues.
Your team meets on Wednesday, April 24th (due date for the assignment). For the meeting, you will need to prepare your report for your team to consider (your Synthesis Paper is this report).
Your report (Synthesis Paper) will be composed of 2 items:
1. Your opinion of the top 5 social issues in sport that you think your team should address. This will be reported in a simple numbered list bullets (no sentences required, but be specific). Your list will be compared to your teammates’ lists to reach a consensus as to which issues you will address in your project.
2. A summary of your top 2 issues (2 most important social issues in your opinion), detailing the issue and a proposed reform for your team to evaluate for the project.
Your summary (of each issue) will include 2 elements:

An account of the issue: what the problem is and why it is a problem. as bullets, and you will need many bullets [consider macro meso micro and/or systems frameworks for describing the problem]
A specific reform to fix the problem: your reform must include a SPECIFIC and DETAILED plan/strategy, including provisions for implementation (i.e., funding, how the reform will be exacted). bullets are:

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detailed description of the reform (you will need several bullets)
source of funding (look at the power point pres for ideas)
the space the reform will occupy – (e.g., college athletic departments)
SPECIFIC PLANS for delivery of the reform (e.g., how will your reform will look in the space you identified)
then you do this twice because you have to submit 2 different reforms


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