Final paper

Word-processed, double-spaced, in Times New Roman font size twelve, 1-inch margins.
Twelve (12) full pages or more of written text, typed and double-spaced, in MLA Style, absolutely no less for any reason, plus a list of works cited. For a successful final essay, aim for 12-15 pages or more plus the title page, table of contents, and list of works cited.

Instructions for Writing:
The final essay combines your major assignments from this quarter: the article analysis/topic proposal essay, the literature review essay, the argument essay, and the rhetorical analysis.
As you put this final essay together, use the following guidelines:

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Copy/paste the required elements into a single document that is double-spaced, in Times New Roman size twelve, with one-inch margins, and that includes in-text citations and an MLA list of works cited for all sources cited in the essay (therefore, one list of works cited for the final essay, rather than separate lists for each part).
Add a title page and table of contents.
Write an introduction that introduces the synthesized essay that makes a point about your research process, what you found out, and the thesis you support in the argument section of the essay.
Consider writing a new conclusion for the synthesized essay, too.
Combine the three papers in a way that seems cohesive—perhaps you will need to write a few new paragraphs so that connections between sections are clear to readers.
Revise your writing so that it is as clear, organized, supported, logical, etc. as you can make it.

You have a fair amount of leeway in how you synthesize and order your essay. The main idea to keep in mind is that it should be a single essay, with a clear beginning, middle, and end. Here is an outline you could follow (you can order your essay differently if you like):

Cover Page: include your name, course title (English 201), and due date
Table of Contents
Body of the Essay

Article Analysis/Topic Proposal

Transition to next section

Literature Review

Transition to next section

Argument Essay

Transition to next section

Rhetorical Analysis



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