Posted: June 4th, 2021

Fashion Film

Rules and Regulations As fashion film is a new addition to the fashion installment, there aren’t any specific rules and regulations that the filmmakers have to follow because fashion is all about expressing opinions, feelings etc. However there are a few ethics that they should be aware of, with any film such as violence, drug abuse, discrimination etc. The filmmakers need to be aware of these ethics because the last thing you want the film to do is offend anyone because then the company, or in this case designer, could get a bad reputation and not become successful.
Other things that should be considered when putting together a fashion show is the location because you want the show to be memorable to the audience and a unique location will help make it more memorable. The set is another important thing to think about because if there is a theme such as ‘nature’ being carried out though the fashion then you’ll want to back that up with a nature themed set; this will also make it more memorable to the audience.
Seating should be considered because you want the audience to have a perfect view of the fashion and the film hat they will be seeing though out the show so that they can fully take in what they will be seeing. Lights are an important part of a fashion show because you want the catwalk to be lit up perfectly so the audience can see the clothes perfectly especially if there is any fine detail in the clothes.

Music is something to consider because this can really add on to the theme of the show and create the sense of escapism that some audiences crave for; for example if there is a nature theme in your show then it could be a good idea to add some slow classic music with some wildlife sounds. The air and make up of the models is key to a fashion show because this can complete the look of the whole fashion show and really enhance the theme of the fashion show. One fashion show that really has been thought out to every detail is the Alexander Macaque show Homeowners SIS 10 in Paris.
The title of the show was ‘Plat’s Atlantis’ and was inspired by concepts of environmental destruction, stem-cell technology, ‘mutation of the fittest’ and the underwater kingdom of Atlantis. The location of this fashion show is unknown but it was performed in Paris during Fashion Week at the end of October 2010. I would hold my fashion show in Paris because it is considered the fashion capital of the world. Paris is a great place to hold a fashion show because the fashion history is so strong compared to other cities like London or Tokyo.
The set of the fashion show consists of a very long, white, wide catwalk to represent a laboratory to expand the theme of Stem Cell Technology; there was also a 60 foot LED screen at the back to display the fashion film and two twenty foot robotic cameras along side of the catwalk where one of the cameras displayed the footage it was getting onto the giant screen. I really liked this set because it enhanced the theme of a laboratory really well from the Petri dish like catwalk, the fashion on the models making them appear to be the experiments in the lab and the cameras acting like the scientists observing what was going on.
The lighting used for this show was simple and even, this allowed the audience in the fashion show to see each outfit perfectly. This is a great way to install lights and I would defiantly use it in a fashion show because it doesn’t take the attention of the viewers away from the fashion. The music for this fashion show sounds like it would e played in an opening scene for a blockbuster movie set underwater; it contains a lot of heavy synchs and long slow drums.
I like this music and would use it in a fashion show because it adds to the theme of the show ‘Atlantis’ and gives the audience a sense of escapism. To be able to broadcast my fashion film with music, I need to follow the rules set by The I-J Copyright Service. The law set by them states 1. Using the work of others If you use samples of music by other authors in your work, ensure that you get permission to use the work before you attempt to publish or sell your work. Similarly, f you use loops or samples available via sample collections etc. Ensure that these are licensed as free to use, or obtain permission first. 2. Obtaining permission If you need to get permission to use a piece of music, normally the best place to start is with the last know publisher for the work. They will certainly know how to get permission to use the work, (as they must have permission themselves), so they will certainly know who you would need to contact. If the work is by an U. S. Artist, you could contact the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, IBM (Broadcast Music, Inc
Band members agreements Where music is written as a group effort, we recommend that you draw up an agreement to clarify issues, such as which rights belong to which member, and how royalties would be distributed in the event that members of your group leave. For successful commercial bands, incorporation is also an option. As with a normal incorporated company, the band members would own shares in the band/company. In this situation, a band member would typically sell his shares to the other members if he decided to leave. This states that I need to obtain permission by the DC/Producer that produced this song.

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