Posted: June 6th, 2021

Experience of Life

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Have you ever thought how much someone can grow and learn through the experiences? There are many factors in how people can change their personality; their way of thinking and every day grow more as a person. Life is too complex to understand, it is better to live and enjoy each day to the fullest that it is where you learns more. In my opinion, I believe in what my mother says, “Everyone must go through their own experiences and learn from their own mistakes”. I personally have changed a lot as a person in the past two years by different life experience like my graduation in college, starting a new job and moving to another country.
My first impact when I understood that my life was changing and I had to go through new roads was my graduation day. I was with my toga and cap in a huge classroom with more than a hundred students, all seated waiting for our bachelor’s degree. Upon hearing my name and having to climb onto the stage to receive my degree was the moment when I realized that I was no longer a child and I became a woman with a degree from preschool teacher. The shock of knowing that my life was going to start to be different and I will start a new life as an adult and with a real job frame my life.
The jump from being a student to becoming a professional is awesome, I am very proud of my achievements but on the other hand, I went into a panic at not knowing what was coming next. I think that in that moment was a huge change in my life that made ?? me mature tremendously. After I understand that my life had changed, I started my adventure of living the life that I always dreamed, to be a teacher. The time of being a head teacher had arrived. During my two years of working I was a head teacher of Nursery.

The experience I had during those two years was amazing; it’s incredible how children transmit you peace, happiness and that innocence that captures the heart of everyone. However, some of my biggest challenges during my years of work were dealing with parents. For example, in my first year of teaching one of my students father ordered an appointment with the director and me to see if I met his expectations as a teacher of his daughter. At first, I will not deny, I felt insulted because how could a parent knowing that “El Jefferson” is one of the best schools in Caracas and he wanted to see if her daughter’s teacher was professional”. That experience made ?? me grow and understand each situation and fear that parents maybe can feel having to leave their children in a school when they have only 3 years old. At the end of the meeting the father apologized to me and congratulated me of my professionalism and the way that I took the meeting. I felt proud of myself and I gave him what he needs confidence and security. Each experience has made me grow in different ways and I really appreciate. Likewise, after having completed my two years of work experience in which I enjoy to the fullest.
I started to go through some of the biggest changes in my life, moving to a new country. One of my life goals is to do a master of Special Education, so I decided to do this master in New York City. From the moment I stepped on the United States I realized that my life was changing 360 degrees. I was leaving my family, my friends, my life in Venezuela and I was faced with something new and different: different language, different culture, new friends, new place to live, etc. I can say this has been one of the strongest changes in my life that made ?? e grow without anesthesia in too little time. Today I live alone, I cook, I do my laundry and I managed all my expenses. This is the first time that I am living alone and having my independence. I can totally say this is a unique and incredible experience. This opportunity that my parents are offering me has helped me to understand how difficult could be the life and if you dream for something you have to fight for it. For example, when I was at school or in college my mother was always reminding me to study or whatever, does not mean that I did not, but it is a typical habit of mothers.
Now that I am here studying to start a master in NYC, all the responsibility of homework, studies, etc. it is totally on me. For anyone, this kind of life experience makes us grow up enormously and I appreciate every day in life than my parents could give me, because that is being changed me more and more as a person. In conclusion, it is difficult to write on paper all those experiences, which I have gone through and have changed me as a person. Each day that passes everyone live things that mark us forever, sometimes they are more noticeable than others. As my grandmother “People never stop learning no matter how old they are”.

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