Executive and Managerial Planning for Bosch-Kazakhstan

Bosch Group is a global manufacturer of automotive and industrial technology, consumer goods and building technology (337). The Bosch Group’s HR philosophy is ‘… to promote the moral, physical and intellectual development of the people (337). ‘ The Bosch Group believes in higher within the company rather than new hires from outside, therefore a lot of time is spent developing the talent Bosch already has. Bosch-Kazakhstan has four production sites in different rural locations (gasoline, Bosch-Rexroth, security systems and diesel motors). The board of management is requesting an EMP (Executive and Managerial Planning) for Bosch-Kazakhstan.
Staffing is crucial with Bosch-Kazakhstan as the diesel motor production is fast growing compared to the other three sites. Problems Bosch-Kazakhstan faces a number of staffing problems. The labor market is very small. Possible local candidates lack national and international experiences and current qualified Bosch employees find the Kazakhstan sites unattractive due to a small domestic labor market for qualified managers and specialist. The main language spoken in Kazakhstan is Russian and it only has 2. 4 percent of Germans. All of the upper managers are expatriates (an employee working away from his or her home country).
Solutions With staffing problems, I think Bosch should have a placement of an additional expatriates by recruiting potential individuals in the MDP (Manager Development Plan) and the JUMP (Junior Management Program) in Germany that are well aware of the Kazakhstan culture and values and he or she is required to address both short-term and long-term staffing needs. Another solution could be the placement of Kazakhstan workers in both the MDP and JUMP programs for a shorter period of time and to provide a 6 to 12 months stay in Bosch Germany facility in order to acquire greater experience.

Training courses should be implemented to further gain background knowledge and experience. Maybe having a Kazakhstan worker with a HR background or a native born worker who is capable of responding to the upper and middle managerial level positions enroll in the JUMP and MDP programs or get hired in the company to further help Bosch find potential local candidates. Also having a pay for performance plan like additional bonus and incentives is another key factor of motivating employees to be more willing to take positions in Kazakhstan.
Bosch should also seek its upper and middle managerial employees who at least have an outstanding background excelling in learning the language and be more willingly to accept different cultures. Outcomes Bosch-Kazakhstan will fill higher management positions with qualified employees who are accustomed to the local culture and who will carry-on the Bosch Group mission. Local candidates will be trained for entry-level positions with the hopes of someday becoming a manager after extensive training. The Bosch Group will be true to their HR philosophy if these changes are implemented quickly.

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Executive and Managerial Planning for Bosch-Kazakhstan
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