topic:  New Kitchen Appliances
I am remodeling my kitchen and need to select new appliances. How do I most effectively finance a refrigerator, dish washer, stove/oven and microwave?
That’s all!  Remember – when it says “finance a refrigerator etc.” that means borrow money to pay for the appliances.  This is a very open-ended project (on purpose) and your job is to write a well-organized explanation detailing how you will pay for your appliances.  To help you start, here are some resources:
Resources to Help you Start!

Websites for Lowe’s, Home Depot, etc. 

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Find appliances
Research financing options available

Websites for banks, credit unions, etc.

To help you write your formal report, you can break this task down into 6 categories:

Define the Problem: Define the problem, including all the aspects that you will need to consider.
Identify Strategies: Identify the strategies you will use to solve your problem.
Propose Solutions: Identify potential solutions that answer the question.
Evaluate Potential Solutions: Evaluate your proposed solutions to determine how they would work for you compared to other solutions you have considered.
Evaluate Impact of Selected Solution: Review the impact, feasibility, and reasoning of the solution.  Is it effective?  What other things may impact your selection choice?
Reflect on Problem-Solving Process: Recap the process you went through to come to your decision.  What things did you do for the first time?  What things were most effective?  What things would you do differently in this process?


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