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Example Essay Most Americans spend about three to four hours a day watching TV, according to Nielsen Numbers. During this time Americans encountered commercials with promising product that improve your life. When it comes to love, the media uses sex to lure in the customer. We see this form of advertising in recent products campaign such as the Dentine Ice “Practice Safe Breath” and the Axe “Apollo. ” The campaign “Practice Safe Breath” had subliminal messages about sex. The first scene of the commercial was a couple in a car. The couple was about to kiss and a girl stops the guy and says “Wait, you have one right? The word “one” has a double meaning both refering to the gum and a condom. The guy puts his hand in his pocket and retrieves a packet of Dentine Ice. The girl smiles and grabs a piece of gum. The next scene of the commercial is about a Guy that is in a hurry. He goes into his friends room and says “Hey bud can you help me out. ” The friend opens his night stand and pulls out a packet or Dentine Ice. For most guys night stands are the place where guys usually store their condoms. In both situations the gum was being used in context that could be confused with a condom.
After the Guy gets the gum pack he rushes back to his girlfriend and begins to kiss her. The media knows that using sex as a “subliminal message” will produce an attention grabbing commercial. The audience then comes to the conclusion that if they buy Dentine Ice then maybe it will help them improve their love life. Some people might even want to be in the situations that are shown in the commercial. The body language shown by the characters in the commercial were very sexual. Most of the characters were eager to get intimate with each other, and needed the gum to for fill their needs.
The commercial “Dentine Ice Practice Safe Breath” was named after a campaign called “Practice Safe Sex” that was supported by the non profit organization named Kush Kash Entertainment in 2011. The campaign promoted safe sex and sells condoms to prevent STD or teenage pregnancys. The commercial ends with the line “So you are prepared no matter how close you get” telling people to be ready with a pack of gum, in case of a close encounter with a partner. Another product that promotes improving your love life is “Axe Apollo. ” In this commercial a girl is swimming in the ocean.

She is about to get attacked by a shark, when a lifeguard jumped into the water to save her. The life guard was a handsome guy with enough strength to arm wrestle a shark to “save her. ” He brought her to the shore; she woke up and took a deep breath. She inhaled the smell of the Axe body spray, and ran to a man in an astronaut suit. The astronaut takes of his helmet and reveals his face. He was a wimpy looking guy, nothing compared to the lifeguard that rescued her. The commercials main purpose was to tell men that if they wear Axe, they will be chosen over the hot guy.
In society, the attractive girl will usually choose the strong, brave and handsome guy over a guy that isn’t strong or attractive. The only words that are said in this commercial are “Wear new Axe Apollo for your chance to go to space. Leave a man, come back a hero. ” This is implying men if they wear Axe these men will be able to help their love life with females. If men wear Axe Apollo, that will help them find a women to have sex with. This will become a hero even if they are not sexually attractive like the lifeguard. This gives men a boost in their self-esteem while wearing Axe.
The commercial implies that by wearing Axe Apollo, women will find men more physically and sexually attractive. These are two examples of how commercials sponsor products to possibly help your love life. The media uses subliminal messages using sex to sell products. Promising results to help your self-esteem or get you one step closer to have a relationship with someone. Some commercials are more upfront on promoting sex products than others. But over all they all serve the same purpose to try “to help people” have an easier love life with no problem.

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