Posted: July 3rd, 2021

Ethics in Communication

Topic for the Final Paper
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It is important to begin thinking about the final paper so that you are prepared for the final assignment. The first step is to identify your topic. This activity aligns with module outcome 2.
Please answer both questions:

Discuss your topic in terms of ethical communication in one of the three broad areas of communications, which are interpersonal, organizational, or public/media.
Discuss one theoretical ethical approach that you plan to include in your final paper such as universalism, utilitarianism, Divine command, or ethical relativism.

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Ethics in Communication
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Suggested Resources

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Applying the Steps in Ethical Reasoning
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The purpose of this discussion is for you to apply the five steps of ethical reasoning in a communication setting and to discuss your proposed topic for your course paper. This activity aligns with module outcomes 1 and 2.
Answer one of the following discussion questions below.

Based on your assigned reading for this module, think about a time as an adult when you have faced either an ethical dilemma or an ethical tragedy and how you communicated. Describe the ethical issue and the stakeholders involved. Describe the outcome and your assessment of how you communicated. Upon reflection, how might you have applied the five steps of ethical reasoning in your ethical issue?
Describe a time that you employed the Platinum Rule in your communication with another person. Explain how it enabled you to consider differences between you and the stakeholders.
Describe a time when you used more than one of the tests of publicity. Explain how this aided your decision about communicating ethically with others.
Describe a time that you were faced with the ethical decision point one which is “Should I speak or…?”. Explain your decision and why you decided it was the best action.

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