essay-zt 6 pages

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Answer both (2) of the following questions.  FOR EACH QUESTION, write 750-800 word answer. Use the textbook as your prime source of evidence and YOU MUST CITE PAGE NUMBERS FROM THE BOOK.  Outside sources are not permitted. If you don’t cite, you can’t earn a passing grade on this exam.

Essay Questions

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essay-zt 6 pages
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1.) Compare and contrast how Native Americans were treated by two of the three major European colonies from their inceptions to the 1790s (you must choose two from the Spanish, French, and English to compare and contrast).

How would Native Americans describe each of the two colonies you have chosen?  What important historical events would they mention to categorize their relationships with each European power? In the end, who might Native Americans say treated them best? Cover as many historical events as you can to answer this question. However, please do not write as though you were an individual Native American.

2.) Describe and analyze the most important historical moments in the transformation of the English colonies from a collection of loyal colonists to American Revolutionaries. You need not – and cannot – cover every transformative moment, but the moments you choose should be formative in the development from colony to nation. During this development, how were the definitions of English ideals, such as liberty, freedom, equality, citizenship, and voting, changed and reinterpreted in the American colonies over time? Cover at least three of those ideals and be sure to include a short discussion of the ideals you choose to cover in relation to the American Revolution and the debate over the U.S. Constitution.


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