Essay Animal

Eating Animals by Jonathan Saffron Foyer’s he talks about his journey as a meat eater. Fore discuses his family eating styles and how he believe he will raise his son. Food is key for every person, but what you eat and what you don’t eat shapes who you are. Fore and his wife both had very particular views on being meat eaters. In a way they both hated what they were doing, but because of they way they were brought up they could not stop them from doing so. For this same reason he started researching on how he should raise is unborn child, meat eater or vegetarian.
Fore starts off by talking about his grandmother and how her eating habits and cooking methods affected them as children. The grandmother, also known as “Greatest Chef who ever lived”, had been threw the depression and many vulnerable times. Fore tells us she had very strict rules on letting food go bad and throwing away expired food. She had seen such harsh times that she mad sure she always made the right amount of food so nothing would ever go to waste. The grandmother had seen the worst oftentimes, but she made sure her family ate well but did not take what they have for granted.
Fore believes many people do not understand what and whom they are eating. He also falls under this category; he does not count himself out. Offers talks about how people have pet dogs and view them as a part of family, but on the other hand cook and eat a chicken. He tries to grasp this idea that has been passed down generation after generation but he cannot come to a solid conclusion on why this happens. And with his new born on the way he is looking into if he wants to pass on these beliefs to his child or to change what has been passed down and start something new.

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Essay Animal
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