three paragraphs talking about the differences in applying to medical school in Europe(uk) or in USA and Canada.

 first paragraph write about why people who choose to study in europe for applying to medical school, and why other people Choose usa and Canada to study to get to medical school . more clearly, fist paragraph talking about the differences that why people choose usa and Canada or why they choose europe.
second paragraph: is about the test (MCAT) that usa and Canada studenst need to  take in order to apply to medical school and also the test that uk students need to take to apply to medical school.
third paragraph; is about the differences between American way (CA&USA) and europe way (UK) in the result after applying to medical school ( the years that u need to take to finish medical school and also the program and the requirements that u need while u are studying in medical school).

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body paragraphs;    1=choice.   2= test.    3=results

introduction; I need a hook, background and thesis statement in the begging of the essay 

hook = famous quote about how hard is medical school 

background= about medical school general

thesis statement = write what u will write in the three body paragraphs ( choice-tests-result)

conclusion = nice quote or citation and refer the thesis statement.


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