Posted: June 26th, 2021


This is from The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

In a post of at least 250 words, analyze Gertrude’s role in the play more carefully through a close analysis of Shakespeare. Based on the first initial of your last name, you have been assigned to analyze one of Gertrude’s speeches.

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In your analysis, you might want to examine where Gertrude’s loyalties lie: to her son, husband, former husband, or herself? Your discussion forum entry should cite at least once from your assigned group of lines.

Group A – Last Names Beginning with A through F
Begin with Queen’s “I will not speak with her.” (4.5.1)
End with Queen’s “Let her come in.” (4.5.21)

Group B – Last Names Beginning with G through L
Begin with Queen’s “To my sick soul (as sin’s true nature is),” (4.5.22)
End with Queen’s “Alas, look here, my lord.” (4.5.42)

Group C – Last Names Beginning with M through P
Begin with Queen’s “Alack, what noise is this?” (4.5.104)
End with Queen’s “O,this is counter, you false Danish dogs!” (4.5.120)

Group D – Last Names Beginning with Q through Z
Begin with King’s “The doors are broke.” (4.5.121)
End with Queen’s “But not by him.” (4.5.146)

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