Posted: June 22nd, 2021


For this Final Paper in the course, answer any two of the four questions below in a 2-3 page paper.

Answers should emphasize materials covered in the class lectures and assigned readings. 

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Select two questions to address in your paper
1.Critique the current emergency management system, including the degree to which existing programs, policies and roles, facilitate sustainable disaster recovery. Your answer should include specific dimensions of disaster recovery discussed in this course and how each may facilitate or hinder the process. Where appropriate, provide suggested improvements that will maximize sustainable recovery. 

2.Discuss how the new roles being adopted by emergency managers can be used to encourage sustainable recovery. Provide specific examples. Describe at least one example where new roles may hinder sustainable recovery. 

3.Discuss the major impacts of disasters, including physical, economic, environmental, psychological and social effects. Explain how the factors represent not only negative outcomes but also opportunities for positive change. Your answer should emphasize specific sustainable recovery themes. 

4.What do you believe to be the primary impediment to sustainable disaster recovery and why? Explain your answer using specific examples discussed in class..


All papers should be formatted according to the following:
•Times new roman.
•12 point font.
•1.5 spacing

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