For your second paper you are task with responding to the following prompt:
Throughout our study of American realist fiction, we have discussed the belief that southern culture was a culture based ideas of chivalry and a belief that Americans were brave people who held themselves to a high moral standard. Take the story “The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg” and compare it at least one other story we read this unit. (“The Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge,” “The Sheriff’s Children,” or “The Story of an Hour”) To what extent do these stories illustrate the characters’ moral failings?
In total this paper should between 2-3 pages, typed in a 12 point times-new Roman font, and doubled spaced. It should have a MLA heading which includes your last name and page numberin the paper’s heading. Below I’ve included a checklist to help guide you through the process.
 Does the introduction succinctly summary the stories? Does the introduction have a clearly defined thesis?
 Is / are there body paragraph(s) that compares or contrast the moral failings from characters from at least two of the stories above?
  Are the body paragraphs supported with direct evidence from the text, including summaries of the text and direct quotes?
  Do the body paragraphs fully develop the argument by explaining why the evidence presented is important?
  Do the body paragraphs draw a connection between the arguments presented in the argument?
 Does the conclusion explain why this text is particularly important?

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